What are Values? These are principles or standards of behaviour; one’s judgement of what is important in life.

Values are the beliefs that come from our core. They are deeply embedded within each of us. Knowing your values is one of the keys to building a great career.

The other three keys are your interestsyour personality type, and your skills. We have tools to help you with each one. ( check YOUR CUSTOMIZED GUIDE TO IMMEDIATE EMPLOYMENT)


Career Values represent the beliefs you have about what is important and meaningful to you in your work. For some, it can be prestige, a creative outlet, flexible hours, independence, a high income, a chance to interact with people or, a chance to advance in their career field. Whatever satisfies you in your job influences your career values. 

Career Values Will Help You:

  • Decide between jobs or career paths.
  • Identify and understand what’s most important to you in your life (what are your values).
  • Prioritize and get clarity on your values.
  • Evaluate career and job opportunities based on your top values.
  • Make better career decisions by knowing what is important to you.
  • Become more self-aware. 

Why Do Your Values Matter?

Career satisfaction and success are very much dependent on your work and work environment being in-line (congruent) with your career values. Yet most people don’t know this.

For example, if one of your career values is “Honesty and Integrity,” but you work at a place that demands you do things you consider unethical or dishonest, you might end up unhappy in that job, and this might probably hinder your success there.

How to Assess Your Career Values

When considering a new job or career, your career values should count as one of the most important factors that will guide your choices. These values will help you decide on a potential company or position for employment. They should represent the beliefs you have about what is important in your work, and what makes it meaningful to you.

What Do You Want From a Job?

As you can see from this list, values vary from person to person. What matters to one may mean little to another person. So, it is essential to understand the unique makeup of your value system. Once you figure out what you value, you’ll have the answer to what motivates you to do your best job, and you can use this knowledge to guide your employment choices.

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