a single candidate waiting for an interview in a lobby. this is to create an interview scenario


As an applicant, the answer to this is YES. But the difference lies in the type of questions you will like to ask, whether as an experienced or inexperienced applicant.

As an inexperienced applicant, you might feel a bit intimidated and nervous in the presence of the recruiter, especially if it is a panel style interview. The feeling of fear might want to make you squash the urge to ask any question. Not to worry, below is a guide you can apply in asking your questions.


Firstly, you need to understand that an interview is a two-way thing. You are both there to find out or know more about each other. And this can only be possible by asking questions. So start by thanking your interviewer for the time and opportunity granted you to be there. Saying this will help calm and relax you.

Secondly, you can further ask about the Job Timing; remember you are in an interview for a job. You need to know the company’s resumption time and when they close for the day. The break period, number of work-days in the week, Overtime practice/allowance.

Thirdly, you need to find out the location of the job. Often, companies employ the services of recruitment firms to handle their employment needs. And as such, the interview session may not hold on the company’s premises. So asking this question, and following it up to find out whether there is a provision of a transport facility by the company is very important.

It is wise to find out the location of the job from the start. To enable you to plan your transportation accordingly especially as a newbie when you eventually get the job. (Find more information on preparing for your first week at work in our discussion: PROFESSIONALISM IN THE WORKPLACE)


Being an experienced applicant must have exposed you to what happens in the world of work. So, asking questions to find out more about your new workplace, using points from your past experiences will go a long way to give you an insight into the company’s activities. 

One of the reasons most experienced candidates apply for jobs elsewhere is usually centered around better pay, better working conditions, etc, but not limited to those mentioned above. There are so many reasons an employee will want to leave his/her present company for another. And over time, you will discover that your reasons change as you get more experienced and grow older. For the complete discussion and examples: YOUR CUSTOMIZED GUIDE TO IMMEDIATE EMPLOYMENT click on the link below: https://paystack.shop/customized-career-shop

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