A job applicant sitting alone at a waiting section with the inscription Job Interview boldly written across with the question why should we hire you?


Why should we hire you? Is an interview question that is always asked. But a lot of applicants are always surprised to hear it because of lack of preparation.

If you have followed our Tuesday Quiz from the start, you will be able to answer such questions with the knowledge you have gained over time. 

Here is where knowing your abilities comes in. By this, I mean your strengths, weaknesses, skills, competencies, knowledge required for the job, and most important of all, understanding the requirements of the role that you applied for in the first place.

Knowledge of the above stated will help you answer this question of : Why should we hire you? successfully.

90% of applicants become unsettled when asked this question, which means: ” What are you bringing to the table” Before any recruitment, the need, the cost estimates, and its effect is taken into consideration by the organization. Recruitment is not on a whim , so employers want to know the added advantage of employing you without incurring avoidable cost. 

Points to consider when answering the question

This is where you have to highlight the qualities that you possess and their advantages to the organization. Let them know that if they hire you: their organization will be a great platform to showcase your skills; you list them and show how they align with those in the job description; whatever goals you set, you are sure to achieve them within the stipulated time; give a brief example (s) of how you have achieved that in the past.

Ensure you highlight your strengths and weaknesses in a good light showing how you can successfully perform the job functions to achieve the organization’s goals.

Employers want to know if you are worth taking the risk, for all that it will cost the company.

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