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“He or she who gets hired is not the one who can do that job best; But, the one who knows the most on how to get hired”… Richard Lathrop.

 In recruitment settings, you should expect to provide evidence of the skills or capabilities that you claim. You will be required to reflect on your experiences and accomplishments to draw examples. The Self Assessment is a method used for analyzing learning accomplishments, as it allows you to clearly and concisely structure your reflections.

 Graduate employers expect you to use this technique to answer questions during an interview or in a job application form. Using this approach will ensure that you demonstrate how you apply your skills, how you make things happen, and the results you obtained.

You can use the Self Assessment to structure your answers.  

There are different techniques under Self Assessment, but you need to put the following conditions into consideration:

  1. You may have more than one example to consider; try to choose the one that: Ensures that it is relevant and describes the skills asked.
  2. Is specific – describe a situation that happened with an appropriate level of detail, not what you would do in a hypothetical situation.
  3. Can be personalized – state what you did, not what the group achieved (use I instead of We).

To complete an employment form, using the Self Assessment technique to extract this required information, we assumed that you engaged in activities outside your academic studies during and while you were out of school. Check (Success Manual For The Employment World eBook) for undergraduates on ways to acquire work experience before graduation. Click the link below to access it.


 Remember: The key is to reflect first, and then structure your reflection using the suitable technique.

 With competency-based questions, it is easy to go off- topic or meander around providing too much detail about the situation when all the interviewer wants to know is how you acted. You may find it helpful to use some of the most suitable techniques approaches to structure your response. Proportionally, you should dedicate most of your response to the Action part that is the most important in explaining what ‘you’ did.

One of the most suitable and easy to apply Self Assessment techniques for applicants is the… 

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