a young man waiting in an interview room, with the question asking why he has been unemployed for so long written on the poster. it also shows an excerpt of the answer on the the poster as well.


A job interview session is usually an opportunity for the “employer” through the recruiter (the human resources officer or manager) to assess you. It is an avenue to check to see if you are the right fit for their organization. Irrespective of whether you are an entry-level graduate, experienced or not. This question will come up depending on the role or position you applied for, especially if there is a gap of an unemployed period in your resume.

90% of graduates usually see this as an opportunity to show that they are willing to work, but answer this question with ” I COULDN’T FIND A JOB” This is a WRONG ANSWER! 

They fail to understand the difference between being willing or available for work from being unemployed over a long period. 

The interviewer wants to know what you did during this period that created a gap in your resume. If you are an unemployed graduate, the self-development programs you engaged in during this time, including the different career coachings you had, will tell the recruiter how progressive you are. Volunteering your services at organizations is one of the best ways to get employable skills and gain experience. And recruiters are very eager to know that you volunteered in the past.  

Those who experienced a break in their career, which resulted in a gap in their resume, can answer this question by stating that they enrolled in an advanced development course or were engaged in freelance work. 

Now, you don’t want to lie about this if you did not. The recruiter will want to know the knowledge and the experience you gained and the skills you acquired in the cause of your freelance work.

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