this is weekly class discussion group where we discuss topics bothering on work place ethics. today's discussion is on Email etiquettes


The workplace forces us to refine our communication skills, irrespective of the field, job, or expertise that you possess, you need to have good communication skills to make any progress. One of the types of communication is the Written form, where you are required to disseminate information using the electronic means of distribution from one computer user to one or more recipients via a network. This is known as the Email.

Emails help companies keep contact with employees, partners and clients. Your email must be tailored in a proficient, precise and informative way, to enable the recipient clearly understand your message which helps in effective business communication.

Below are Email checklist to help guide you as a new employee

Your email checklist.

  1. Formal Greetings
  2. Be clear
  3. Use your connections
  4. Spell check
  5. Test message
  6. Include signature
  7. CC (Carbon Copy)
  8. BCC (Blind Carbon Copy)

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